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While we have been trading successfully for ourselves for years our
Forex signal service is relatively new, but we are building up a list of happy customers.


Thank you for providing me the opportunity to finally pay off some of my morgage.

I dont know how you do it, but damn your results are awesome.

You made 120% profit for me in my first week, and have been averaging gains of about 30% each week for the last 6 weeks.

While I was sceptical at first because I had never heard of Forex and would have been happy with 10-20% gain a year I am now in an awkward position trying to convince family members to give it a go.

It is just not easy for people to believe me until I show them my trading account results, and as you know you have several of my family members and friends on board now ;)

Thank you very much and keep going with your awesome trades.


Thank you to the whole Trading 4 Profits team

I am a pretty much computer illiterate and after my sister reccommended your signal service to me I was worried I would not know how to set it up.

Your instructions are straight forward to follow and the support email was helpful and efficient, I was up and running with in a day from getting my trading account setup with Go Markets.

I almost forgot THANK YOU for the wonderful passive income my trading account is generating for me, if you keep bringing in profits like these I may have to give away my day job.


I have been trying to master Forex trading on my own for a while now, yeah I make a bit here and there and I reckon I am ok but now I realise how far I need to go./p>

I have read in Forex forums that it is possible to make very large gains and many people dispute it etc. but now I see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Heck, since using your signal service I have gone back to demo and while you make me great profits each week it gives me time to learn.

Thanks for the results and the inspiration.


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